Yet another reboot

When I first started this site on my original Ghost site (which is now gone), I said in my first post that I wanted to use this domain as my professional site. Of course, this all relies and depends on me actually using it. Aside from the first post, the only other things I’d put on here are my /now and /goals pages. I’ve kept those reasonable up to date, but otherwise I just left it to rot.

I ran my Ghost instance on a dedicated Digital Ocean droplet, costing me GBP6.80/USD8.64 a month… GBP81.61/USD103.68 a year. That’s a waste of money for something I’m not actually using. So there are two resolvable issues here:

  1. reduce the cost
  2. increase the usage

This seems like a win-win situation to me.

So I was looking at one of these static site generators, with a view to sticking a static site on one of my existing web hosts, bringing my effective costs (except for the domain) down to zero. I started doing research into the likes of Hugo and Jekyll, and struggling to find an objective review of the differences and the benefits thereof. So I called on the expertise of my friend Gui, over at, and discovered that he already used Hugo on a number of his own sites, and - not only that - used GitHub Pages to deploy and host the published site! In the last 24 hours, I’ve spent time migrating, cobbling, tweaking, and tidying up my site… and here we are. All I have to do it create a markdown post on my laptop (or any machine with access to the ’net and Git), push it to the repo, and GitHub Actions picks it up and publishes it. What’s not to love?

So, that’s point 1 sorted. I just need to make sure that I didn’t put anything else on that droplet, and I can destroy it… saving me a bunch of cash in the process!

Point 2 is my next challenge. Perhaps I’ll add that to /goals? 🤔

Post image by Annette Meyer from Pixabay

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