Those of you who know me well will know that I don’t have a particularly good track record when it comes to blogging. This is somewhat illogical because I’m actually quite a decent writer. I have lots of ideas and primers for blog posts and things to write about which inevitably end up getting dried out in the spin cycle of life.

Some of the ideas and primers I have rattling around inside my head include:

  • Why I do what I do - a question which triggered a philosophical crisis in my brain
  • The decline in driving standards - I’m no angel behind the wheel, but I do believe that some drivers have forgotten the fundamentals
  • Why new podcasters are making a fundamental mistake - audio quality is as important as content
  • Why cheaper isn’t always better - recognition that, although thriftiness is a good skill to have, sometimes it’s literally not worth it

I’ve put these ideas into NextCloud Notes so I don’t forget them, and so I can build on them during “spare time” (mirthless laugh) to a point where they can be published and shared.

I also want to review some products and services that I use or that I am recommended.

I suppose I want this platform to be more of a professional outlet - the serious side of geek - as opposed to which will remain my playground.

It’s also a good opportunity for me to get to know Jekyll as a publishing platform.